Were These Antique Devices Too Goofy to Catch On?

Strange, radical, and just plain ugly gadgets are commonplace today—and the same was the case a century ago. The Daily Mail shares a gallery of oddball devices that, for whatever reason, didn't survive the test of time.


This envelope sealer, for example, perhaps failed to grab the public because it aimed to replace a human organ with complex machinery. Is the tongue really insufficient?

Electric flashlight glasses! Not a bad idea! Except having two lights shined directly into your eyes, and the risk of electrocution during rain.


Okay, now this—a mustache-guarding spoon that kept facial hair free from marauding food—isn't such a bad idea (Though as a hairy-faced dude, I am a bit biased). But the invention's utility was apparently not enough to keep it from fading into obscurity. Perhaps packing the kit for meals out was too much of a hassle (and a public embarrassment). [The Daily Mail]

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