Western Digital Ships 320GB 2.5-Inch Drives for Laptops

Illustration for article titled Western Digital Ships 320GB 2.5-Inch Drives for Laptops

It's official: you can now buy a 320GB drive from WD for your laptop, and for just $200. The WD Scorpio SATA drive spins at 5400rpm and has a 8MB cache. The press release says it's "extraordinarily quiet while running at cool operating temperatures." I hope that doesn't mean it's extremely loud while running at super high temperatures. The important thing is, this timing coincides with the arrival of Mac's Time Machine and the Windows Home Server, two easy ways to offload your laptop's entire contents, swap out the internal drive, then restore your old image without a lot of tinkering. I know some of you like tinkering, but this is the future. [WD]


neato! That's enough space for me to load the media onto the HD for mobile editing (at least for one project at a time). I wouldn't use it for capturing or intensive work, of course, but it would be nice to edit elsewhere... I can get a little stir-crazy in my home office...