Westinghouse's 2160p TV Gets Pricing

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Even though CES is over, Westinghouse's Quad HDTV continues to make news. This time around, however, it's the TV's pricing that's making the headlines. The folks at Cybertheater are reporting that the 52-inch TV (which has a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution) will sell for about $50k. While that's enough high-defness to blow everything else out of the water, there's still no content for the TV to display, so all you millionaires might be better off with Sony's 1080p Bravia KDL-70XBR3 instead.

Westinghouse Quad HDTV with 2160p [Cybertheater]

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It might be more intended for use as a computer monitor. About 6 years ago, IBM unveiled a 9 Megapixel monitor (about 25" diagonal). It was really breathtaking to look at but it required a totally separate computer just to run the graphics card and cost $25k. This sounds like a bigger version of that. If not, it's just stupid b/c there will probably never be any source material to match that resolution.