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We Finally Have an Update on The Nevers and It's Not Great News

HBO Max will be soon removing the Victorian sci-fi drama, along with the much better-known Westworld, from its streaming platform.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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If you watched The Nevers, HBO’s 2021 drama about women in Victorian London who suddenly manifest superpowers, there’s likely part of you still wondering if we’d ever get the promised second half of the season—with, like, some follow-through all the batshit stuff that happened in the finale. The answer is here, and it’s... mixed.

According to Deadline, which broke the news (which was also confirmed by Variety), HBO Max will continue its recent trend of removing original content by whisking The Nevers from the platform—along with Westworld, a far more high-profile series that, as previously reported, won’t be returning for more seasons. (Fortunately, Westworld’s season four finale felt like a satisfying finish for the series, even if it did leave the door open a hopeful crack at the end.)


According to the trades, that doesn’t mean Westworld seasons 1-4 and The Nevers are gone forever; they’ll just be shifting to a different, yet-to-be named platform. As Variety points out, this appears to be a purely cost-cutting move, since “the removal of shows from HBO Max means WB Discovery is able to save money in residuals paid to cast and crews of productions, on top of the money saved by not continuing with the shows at all.”

Nevers star Claudia Black tweeted out the article, highlighting that quote in particular, with a telling reaction:


So what about those remaining Nevers episodes? Good news for fans: the series, which was created by the controversial Joss Whedon—he left the project before it aired, with Philippa Goslett stepping in as showrunner—will indeed get to finish its run on that TBD platform. But it won’t be back for more after that, as Deadline writes: “This marks the formal cancellation for The Nevers, whose six-episode Season 1A aired back in 2021, with the second part of the season yet to be scheduled. It will now end up in the show’s new home whatever that is. The storyline has been crafted in a way that it concludes with Season 1B, sources said.”

Variety adds that those last six episodes are already finished, so all that remains is for HBO Max to figure out where to put them. And, it should go without saying, HBO must make sure the first half of the season is easily accessible right alongside them—because even people who watched the show are going to need a refresher. Remember the giant alien creature thing? The identity-shifting serial killer? The flash-forward to the future? The Nevers was a lot—but it was certainly unique, and it’s a shame wherever it resurfaces probably won’t have the prestige and reach of HBO Max.

Once io9 learns more we’ll keep you updated. As of right now, both shows still appear on HBO Max, but if you still have Westworld episodes to catch up on, it goes without saying you better not snooze and lose.

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