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What A First Person View of a Lightsaber Duel Looks Like

If lightsabers ever become real, and let's be honest some genius will dedicate his entire life into making that happen, I hope the entire world will be well practiced in how to handle them. Sure the ballet of Star Wars characters fighting in light sabers looks great (or ridiculous), but when you get an up close view on the sword fight? The whole world will be missing at least one of their hands.


The video of a GoPro First Person Vader duel is made by The Stunt People. [The Stunt People via The Awesomer]

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After I read the first five words of this article I completed the thought with "...I will probably end up missing a limb" which is pretty much what probably runs through the minds of most people. At least I'll be able to get one of those cool Skywalker arms though...