Our lives aren't always interesting. Some days go by and you forget them by the end. Other days bleed into yesterday. Last week feels like it never happened. Last month seems like next month. Who knows what's tomorrow? Time disappears and sometimes we don't know what happened. That's why we should all record a bit of our lives to remember. It can be incredibly boring and mundane and full of nothing but when stitched together, those seconds of recording turn into something and as those days, weeks, months and years add up, well, you have your life.

As Digg points out, Matt Skuta filmed something every day for an entire year and put it all together for you to see (and for himself to remember). Even things like watching dogs chase each other or cooking bacon or seeing airplanes in the sky or parking your car in the garage seems memorable when you put it all together (and when you set them to inspiring music).


It's nice to look back. Even when nothing happened.

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