What an erupting Icelandic volcano looks like from a helicopter

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This video of the Grimsvotn volcano was captured by Jon Gustafsson on behalf of the Helicopter Service of Iceland. The music by Veigar Margeirsson is just the gravy on this spectacle.

Here was Gustafsson's experience filming Grimsvotn last weekend:

The eruption looked magnificent in the sunset. Once we landed 5 miles away from the crater the cold glacier air hit us like a truck. We tried to work outside but I only lasted for a couple of minutes. Pilot Reynir Petursson also didn't want to stay on the ground for too long since it was very windy and the ash fall was unpredictable. The light was also disappearing and he needs visual reference which is difficult on a white glacier. Once we got off the ground again we had to stay low because there were so many lightnings all around the eruption. Getting hit by a lightning in that strong wind, extreme frost and next to a live volcano was not desirable.