What Are BlackBerry Apps Doing On This HTC Touch Pro?

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Pictures are convincing, but a video, as it goes, seals the deal: Blackberry apps appear to be running on WinMo. But how? And more importantly, why?

It turns out that this is probably a leak of an official RIM project, called BlackBerry Application Suite. CrackBerry dug up a year-and-a-half-old presser from the company describing its intentions:

[RIM plans to] expand its support for Windows Mobile®-based devices with a new software application suite that will enable devices from third-party manufacturers to benefit from the popular BlackBerry® software applications and services.


Well, considering that the pictures and video resemble the aforementioned concept, and that the programs were sighted running on a phone supported by AT&T, RIM's partner in the initiative, it looks like the BlackBerry Application Suite might be coming to fruition.

If carried out correctly, the appeal could be great; the BlackBerry OS core apps offer a substantially more user-friendly experience than Windows Mobile's, which haven't managed to curry much loyalty in nearly a decade of existence and revision. The suite also appears to offer an alternative home screen, which resembles the Storm's.


The success of this will come down to two factors: price and code. If the apps are free and native, then it'd be hard to justify not leaving WinMo's humdrum messaging, browsing and organizational apps behind. If the suite is either paid, exclusively bundled with select handsets or virtualized, it might be a non-starter. This leak is as vague as it is early, so expect a good deal more information to surface before too long. Warning: comically lazy gadget video below. [BerryReview via CrackBerry]