What Bill Gates Ate for Lunch

What did Bill Gates eat at New York's Tao Restaurant that he said was "a good deal"?

The $24 prix-fixe lunch. Here's what Bill had a choice of munching on, via Alley Insider:

Appetizer choice of:
Bang Bang Chicken Salad
Satay of Chicken with Peanut Sauce
Bamboo Steamed Veggie Dumplings
Peking Duck Spring Rolls with Hoisin Sauce

Entree choice of:
Soy Ginger Salmon
Kung Pao Chicken
Shanghai Scallion Beef
Wok seared NY Sirloin
Vegetable or Chicken Pad Thai
Sushi Roll Trio

Zen Parfait
Fresh Fruit & Tangerine Sorbet
Banana Bread Pudding

I'm thinking Bill went with the Bang Bang Chicken Salad, the Soy Ginger Salmon and the Zen Parfait. Or maybe that's just what I would get. And thanks to inflation, in five years a $24 lunch will be a good deal for the rest of us too. [NY Post via Silicon Alley Insider]


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