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What Book Changes Are Revealed in These Game of Thrones Photos?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

More turns on the Star Wars rumor-mobile, including information on villains and casting. There's a denial of a grim Batman v. Superman character rumor. And another of Ryan Murphy's favorite actors may be showing up on American Horror Story. Spoilers now!

Top image: Game of Thrones

Star Wars

A little bit more speculation from the rumors about Emperor Palpatine's return and the Inquisitors being the villains of Episode VII: Latino Review's now saying that they're pretty sure that no one in the film is actually called "Inquisitor," but are just a bunch of Sith. The "Inquisitor" name, it's speculated, is a retcon to deal with the prequels' whole "there are always only two Sith" thing.


Speaking of the Sith, Latino Review also hears that the filming location of Skelling Michael Island, which played host to Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley and that the crew will return to film at later, is the Sith homeworld. And the ruins there are the control center for the planet, which is also a weapon. Latino Review does warn that the Sith homeworld was in an old version of the script, too, so it might not have survived the rewrite process.

The next rumor, which they claim is fact, is a refutation of the speculation that Domhnall Gleeson is playing Luke's son. If the rumors of Luke having been missing since just after Return of the Jedi are true, than he's been a prisoner the entire time and has no children.


And wholly speculative and untethered to reality is the notion that Andy Serkiss' character could be the Emperor. As usual, we recommend you have a Star Wars rumor salt shaker to season everything that you hear. [Latino Review via Dark Horizons]

Batman v. Superman

According to Batman on Film, the rumor that Scoot McNairy is playing Jimmy Olsen is not true. Also, there's no truth to the idea that Warner Bros. has banned jokes in its DC Comics movies. [Batman on Film]

Game of Thrones

Photos from filming at Kastel Gomilica show Maisie Williams, Mark Gatiss, Ian Beattie, and Roger Ashton-Griffiths shooting scenes in Braavos. Gatiss' Tycho Nestoris greets Mace Tyrell (Ashton-Griffiths) on the waterfront. Tyrell, who appears to be taking Harys Swyft's book role as Westeros' envoy to Braavos, is guarded by Ser Meryn Trant (Beattie). See more photos here. [Watches on the Wall,]


Doctor Who

Here's the guest cast, and their characters, for episode 8.04, "Listen":

Danny Pink - Samuel Anderson

Rupert Pink - Remi Gooding

Reg - Robert Goodman

Figure - Kiran Shah

Remi Gooding is a child actor who recently appeared on stage in Matilda in London's West End.

Kiran Shah is a dwarf actor who has appeared in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Hobbit and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi amongst many other roles.

Robert Goodman has previously appeared in Doctor Who in a number of uncredited roles throughout the years, including The Trial of a Time Lord, Arc of Infinity, Full Circle and Nightmare of Eden.


[Blogtor Who]

American Horror Story

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Lea Michelle (Glee) is going to appear in this Ryan Murphy series. [via Broadway World]


And here are some more teasers. [via Shock Till You Drop]

Falling Skies

Star Noah Wyle teased a bit about what Tom was looking at in the last shot of the finale, saying, "All I'll say is it's not a new alien race that we're looking at. It is something we haven't met before, but it's familiar."


Executive producer David Eick also refused to identify it, but did explain what effect it would have:

Of course, I'm not at liberty to deliver fully disclosed spoilers, but I will tell you that what Tom does see will prove to be the sort of lynchpin in what drives [the 2nd Mass] and provides a strategic angle for the 2nd Mass to pursue in the fifth season. I wouldn't say they discover a doomsday device, but what they discover is a strategic weapon of sorts that will prove to have a great impact on what happens in the fifth season.

So this creature Tom sees will launch more war strategy elements for the show — will it also play a part in the family drama, more emotional elements of the show?

It is a more emotional, internal motivation that propels Tom Mason in season 5. It's not just about tactics or looking at war room maps, although that remains a big part of the show. It's about how even the best generals will tell stories about how they had to rely on their gut, and [season 5] is a season in which the gut aspect of Tom Mason's approach to defeating the enemy takes on a much more prominent role via the encounter he has at the end of season 4. So through that encounter we will emphasize the emotional aspects of his decision-making, his strategy, and the ultimate outcome.


More at the link. [Entertainment Weekly]

Star Wars Rebels

Here's another three-minute short, called "It's Not What You Think." [via Coming Soon]

Agents of SHIELD

Here are two promos for season 2. [via Coming Soon]

Once Upon a Time

Here's a promo featuring Elsa's arrival in Storybrooke. [via TV Line]


And here's a banner for the new season. [Facebook]



Here's a promo for season 3, featuring the Oliver/Felicity kiss. [via Entertainment Weekly]

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Madeleine Monson-Rosen