What Do You Want Gizmodo To Do More Of?

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Gizmodo began as a compendium of gadgets; page after page of strictly hardware and gear. But in the decade since, the ways society talks about and interacts with technology have evolved. This site has, too. And as we continue to, I'd like to know what you want to see us doing more of—or less—along the way.

You've probably already noticed that we've broadened out in over the last year or more. We've stepped up our coverage of design, because it touches every piece of technology you own (and is often the most interesting part of it). We've focused more on buildings, cities, and infrastructure, since they reflect technology at its largest scale. And we've continued to cover traditional gadgets and technology news, all through the filter of what it means for you.

That's really what we want to accomplish in everything we write, whether it's about braving the great outdoors, assessing past visions of the future, showing off the internet's brightest and shiniest corners, or punishing a waterproof Kindle. We don't write for companies, or for venture capitalists, or for the spec-obsessed echo-chamber. We write for you. And we'd like you to help us do it better.


So what's on your wish list? It's hard to name a part of your life that technology doesn't influence in some way, so for now anything's fair game. You're what makes this site so great. I'm hoping you can help us keep it that way.

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