What Happens When a Popular Instagram Account with 8 Million Followers Posts a Picture

As if you needed more proof that celebrities live in a different world than us: here’s what happens when an Instagram account with 8 million followers (this particular one shows the 433 soccer account) posts a picture and then gets deluged with likes, comments, emojis, and whatever other notification. There’s no sad awkward moment before your first like from your Mom, no social anxiety about social media, instead the phone becomes essentially unusable as it gets bombarded because of its popularity, like its being forced to run some sort of hacker script but it’s really just hundreds and thousands and millions of people across the world looking at their phone and double tapping on a dumb picture about nothing.

Of course, this is what it looks like with notifications on (which no sane person with a gazillion followers would have on, ye amateurs). The video comes from Dutch soccer player Demy de Zeeuw.


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Eww, I get annoyed when I post a comment to pages like The Best of Tumblr and get 200 likes. (Because I have to click off my notifications button so many times.)

Can’t imagine how annoyed this would make me.