What If Spike Jonze's Movie Her Was Actually Voiced By Siri?

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So though the premise of a man falling in love with the voice of his phone's operating system is a little ridiculous, Spike Jonze's movie Her actually looks wonderful and maybe even believable. But duh! Who wouldn't fall in love with Scarlett Johansson's voice? Just hearing the huskiness makes you imagine the bombshell that is Scarlett Jo. So what if we replaced Johansson's voice with something more robotically realistic... like Siri's. Yeah, it would be pretty funny.

KickerDixon poked fun of Her by creating a parody trailer iHer that re-tools the scenes in the original trailer with quips from Siri. That Siri sure acts up every now and then.

Here's the original trailer for Her if you've forgotten.