What is the state of Haven now that Audrey isn't Audrey?

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According to Haven lore, Audrey Parker was supposed to step into the magical reappearing barn during the Hunter meteorite storm and disappear for 27 years, taking the Troubles with her. But what can Audrey do now that she's emerged from the barn as an entirely different person? Spoilers below.


The Season Four premiere of Haven seems to reflect a shaking up of the status quo. Although Season Three ended up delivering some juicy mysteries, it could occasionally turn a bit too much into the Nathan, Audrey, and Duke Show, so it's nice to see that we're reshuffling everyone a bit, especially after we lost a couple of characters last season. When last we saw Duke, he was jumping into the barn after Audrey as it disappeared. The barn, as it turns out, isn't all that interesting on the inside; all we see are a bunch of conversations with Audrey about how she can end the Troubles (by killing James). It does have a neat trick, though; it spits out Duke in Boston six months after the events of last season's finale. He picks up a new sidekick, Jennifer, an apparently Troubled woman who was able to hear what was going on in the barn, and who hopefully has some personality traits beyond being chirpily adorkable.

When they return to Haven, Duke finds that everything has changed. Nathan was run out of town by the Guard (although he's brought back on the police force by the end of the episode); Dwight is the new sheriff and the Guard has a much more public presence in Haven. Most shocking to Duke is that his brother is in town and has been running the Gull while Duke was presumed dead. However, no one knows what has become of Audrey.

But we do! Audrey is now Lexie, a newbie bartender who is a natural with people, but shudders at the sight of a gun. She's approached by William (Colin Ferguson, woo!), a stranger who knows that she used to be Audrey. Lexie is less than pleased.

I was a bit surprised that we jumped so quickly back into the Trouble of the Week format, but it's clear that this particular Trouble has larger significance for Nathan's arc. Nathan has to soothe Marion, the first Troubled person Audrey helped, after Marion loses the love of her life. Nathan thinks that if Audrey kills him, then the Troubles will end—but that's an easy resolution for Nathan. It's much harder for him to imagine a life without Audrey's touch.

Audrey always seems to return to Haven in a form the town needs: a nurse, a cop, and now a bartender. What will Lexie bring to Haven? Will she provide some salve to Havens Troubles that she couldn't as Audrey? And will the denizens of Haven try to bring Audrey back?



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