What It Would Take For New Firefly?

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What does Dollhouse's second season have to do with Firefly? According to TV By The Numbers, more than you may expect. And, if you follow their logic, it may even mean that we could see new Firefly on our screens.

Saying that the continued success of Firefly on DVD is likely one reason behind Fox's surprise renewal of Dollhouse, the site's Nick C writes,

I think from my talks with the people running FOX that they would bring [Firefly] back under the right circumstances. However, you must understand that right now Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Morena Baccarin, and Alan Tudyk (plus he was killed in SERENITY) all have gigs for the foreseeable future. However don't underestimate the power of a movie. FOX could likely be easily talked into a Movie or two for next season. They could air after an NFL game or playoff game. The movies would easily sell on DVD.

The question now falls into rights, but the guys at FOX wouldn't be alone. If Universal is now in possession of future rights to projects, NBC or USA wouldn't mind getting in on the cash opportunity either. A couple movies shot and made for TV and then released on DVD would be profitable for anyone involved. At the same time the cast would still be able to keep doing their normal gigs. Just shoot the movie around their schedules.


Does this mean it's likely? Not really, unless Joss Whedon or somebody else at Mutant Enemy suddenly decides that it's a good idea - and, to be honest, I'd be surprised that this avenue hasn't been explored before by those who wanted the series to continue in the first place. But, then again, I don't have sources at Fox, so there's every possibility that they are ready for some more flights of the Serenity... and if they could work out schedules, a million browncoats might finally be willing to forgive and forget.

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