What It's Like to Have a High-Powered Laser Shot Into Your Eyeball

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So the Wicked Laser was a letdown, but it's still super dangerous, so that's kind of cool, right? We wondered what it might be like to get Wicked lasered in the eyeball. So we shot one into a camera. Ouch.


Our poor little pocket HD cam couldn't vocalize any feelings of intense pain or retinal agony, but it looks like it would be a very uncomfortable sensation—sort of a mix between the finale of 2001: A Space Odyssey and just being poked in the eye. Luckily, a digital image sensor is a lot tougher than the human eye, and survived the laser blast—we doubt you'd be seeing much more than a second or two of blue wonder before you were blind, had these been human peepers and not a cam.


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i actually looked into this pretty heavily when i initially placed the order for my Spyder III Artic laser.

1)with no eye protection blindness is 'instant' if pointed at the eyes. (no, you cannot react fast enough)

2)even with the laser bounced from a piece of glass/chrome/something shiny blindness still occurs in ~1 second.

3)even if you miraculously manage to close your eyes in time in scenario number 1 you'll still go blind in ~1 second from the exposure (think of it like looking at the sun with your eyes closed, only immensely worse)

4) even with the protective glasses supplied you can go blind in .25 seconds with the laser pointed directly towards your eye.

5)the UV radiation from the Spyder III is ~75 times more intense than the maximum 'permitted' levels of UV radiation on human skin. this assumes the laser is not making direct contact with the skin.

6) even WITH the supplied eye protection prolonged non direct exposure to the wavelength (445NM) the Spyder III operates at can cause temporary (and sometimes permanent) green blindness.

i know this is a long post, and should probably be in the reply. but it's something everyone should be aware of before considering purchasing one of these. (i canceled my order after learning all this)