What Most Likely Killed the Undersea Data Cables

Stephan Beckert, research director at TeleGeography, studies these undersea data cables every day of his life, and has the best guesses as to what really put them out of commission. UPDATE: Yep, confirmed.

•There probably isn't a fifth cable, according to his sources and the Khaleez Times in the UAB seems to have double counted one.

•One cable is officially not cut, but is suffering a power outage.

•Likely, the rest of the cables have been damaged by fishing nets or boat anchors (those two causes account for 65% and 18% of all undersea cable problems).

•Officially, he believes the chances of the cables being cut by "sharks with laser beams on their fricking heads" is unlikely.

•While two cables cut in a week is a bit higher than average, its not unusual: Last year, 50 cables were damaged in the Atlantic alone.


Why are we still talking about this? Because I somehow find it fascinating, although Beckert's explanations make it less so. [WSJ Blog, thanks Ben Worthen. Previously on Giz]

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