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We may earn a commission from links on this page

What Searches Look Like With the Top Million Sites Removed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At this point it's ludicrous to think of using any other search engine than Google. But while it's very effective, you'll find your search results coming from many of the web's top sites again and again. What if you wanted to find something a little more eclectic? Well, a new search engine called Million Short offers just that by letting you ignore the top million websites on the internet.


Users actually have the option of limiting how many of the top websites are included in search results. Anywhere from gutting the top 100, to wiping out the full top million. And after performing a search limiting the results, you can also individually add the top 100 sites, one by one, as needed.

Searching for stories on that stuffed gun-toting monkey that was menacing the TSA yesterday without any limits returns the usual suspects, including Gizmodo.


But after wiping out the top million sites online, you instead get results from pages like Wholetruthmedia, and even Gizmodo's India affiliate.

So can Million Short be a useful research tool? Perhaps. It will occasionally, and inexplicably, return no results at all—"who shot jfk?"—and you'll probably have to get comfortable with sifting through a lot of fake websites. For the time being it's mostly just a novelty, but for vanity searches, it could return some unique hits on your own name that most people will never dig far enough into Google to discover. [Million Short via Laughing Squid]