What Technologies Are Getting You Through Monday?

Mondays. Right? Pretty sure they're unconstitutional. But until we get them banned for good, what's your technological crutch for starting the week? I'll start.


Me, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make it through any day of the week without a cup of thin coffee from my Bosch T20 single-serve machine, and an upbeat Pandora station through my Shure SRH440 cans. And of course, a reliable DVR so I can catch up on my stories tonight.

So what about you? What's your cure for that inevitable case of the Mondays? To the comments!

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Gizmodo is certainly a huge part of it. This may sound weird, but the commenting system really makes my day. I love commenting and then seeing if I've gotten replies. If I'm really bored/unmotivated at work, I'll cycle through Gizmodo/Jalopnik/Lifehacker, comment (even though I typically have nothing useful to add) and then wait for a new story or until someone replies.