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Click to viewImagine, if you will, being sucked into a parallel universe in which the original Nintendo Entertainment System was exactly the same, but games like The Legend of Zelda were rendered in 3D. Don't know what I mean? Watch this clip.

3D Dot Game Heroes—a PS3 title that's already out in Japan and coming to North America in May—celebrates an 8-bit 3D aesthetic not unlike the strange alternate universe I described above. But on top of that, its built-in sprite editor allowed Game Informer's Tim Turi to take the game to its natural conclusion by skinning the game with Link and adding a remix of Zelda's score.


The effect? Well if you can articulate it more elegantly than my pseudo-Sliders explanation, go ahead. [Game Informer via Joystiq]

UPDATE: Ugh, the embed hates us. Try the Game Informer link at the end of this post.

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