On Tuesday, programmer Eric Boehs arrived at work and realized he didn't have his iPad or iPhone with him. The last time he recalled seeing the gadgets? On top of a pile of boxes he was throwing into the trash.


The video of Eric's quest to find the Apple gadgets is rather amusing, but if you don't want to watch it here's what happened:

Eric and his friend used MobileMe's Find My iPhone and Find My iPad functions to track the devices and then hopped into a car to follow the trail. Their tracking led them to a parking lot with no dump truck or trash piles in sight so they started asking people if they'd perhaps seen either gadget. In the end it turned out that a fellow had the gadgets in his work truck because he'd picked them up in the middle of the road.

The iPhone had a shattered screen and the iPad was completely bent up. Both gadgets probably got run over by a car, but at least they weren't in a trash dump. [NewsOK via Jake Behrens]

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