What To Expect From Highlander, Dragonball And Star Trek

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To create our most concentrated dose of spoilers yet, we've culled through news stories and interviews about Star Trek, Highlander, Descent 2 and Dragonball. We've dug up revealing new images about Fringe, City Of Ember, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sarah Jane Adventures, Smallville and Heroes. We've pored over Lost set reports from Hawaii. We watched Chuck teasers. We read up on Next Avengers and Star Wars: Clone Wars. We even read a spoilery poem about Transformers: Animated. We scoured the entire Internet, and then squeezed it all down into one little vial of super-strong spoilers. Watch out! Star Trek: The J.J. Abrams-helmed Trek reboot will have all the gadgets you'd expect, including communicators, tricorders, warp speed, etc. It sounds like Uhura will still have the little earpiece in her ear, and all of the gadgets will be functional, with well-thought-out user interfaces. [MTV Movies] Highlander: UGO gathered some reports on the Highlander remake. Among the news: the film will be more "romantic" and include a subplot about Connor MacLeod falling in love with a mortal woman, and dealing with the fact that she's going to die. And it'll flesh out more of the backstory of the original film. [UGO] City Of Ember: Here are some new stills from October's subterranean dystopia film, which looks ridiculously exciting. [Movie Spoilers] Dragonball: The Dragonball movie features a character named Emi, who was invented just for the movie. And actor Shavon Kirksey says Emi is the queen of the social scene at her high school, along with best friend ChiChi. They're the "it girls." They only hang out with cool popular kids and jocks, but Emi is secretly smarter than she lets on. [DBtheMovie] Descent 2: The Crawlers are more scarred up and "bullish" with more deformities in the second Descent film. And there's a King Crawler, who's giant and scary. [Shocktillyoudrop] Lost: Lost has been filming some scenes involving Locke and Richard Alpert. In one scene, Locke and Alpert run across the island, to a rock formation with a square in it, which featured in a previous season. Alpert retrieves a device from somewhere and uses it, along with the rock formation, to find out what year it is. And then Locke and Alpert are being chased by men with guns. In another sequence, Locke is trying to climb a banyan tree, and he's shot in the thigh. These scenes were shot near the crashed Cessna plane we mentioned. [Sawyer840] Heroes: And here's a longer version of the promo you've seen a million times before. It includes a few new snippets, including Linderman murmuring about God's plan, and Claire's mom creating a ball of flame. [Heroes Spoilers] And here's a quick snippet of behind-the-scenes footage of Peter confronting Sylar in his Company cell. [E! Online]

And here are some new posters, which have a common theme of shooting stars or something. (The Hiro poster was snapped by PreppiesOfTheApocalypse, who's been risking a bloody traffic death to take pics of the Heroes posters in L.A.) [PreppiesOfTheApocalypse and Heroes Spoilers and Watching Heroes and MySpace] Sarah Jane Adventures: Here's a new behind-the-scenes video and a trailer for the Sarah Jane Adventures season two, plus a new promo image. [Blogtor Who]

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Fringe: How obsessed with J.J. Abrams' Fringe are you? Obsessed enough to watch some "B-roll" of behind the scenes footage from the filming? (B-roll is usually the stuff news programs and featurettes run while someone is talking.) How about watching interviews with the show's cast and producers, where they talk about their creative process? (B-roll is below. Interviews are here.) [Fringe Television]

If you saw a whole bunch of gorgeous Fringe posters, would that make you more obsessed? Actual spoilers you can learn about Fringe from these posters: there are lots of equations, and funny symbols. Someone writes in French. There's an apple with babies inside. Anna Torv's hair is full of math! [Fringe Television again] Sarah Connor Chronicles: Some new stills from the second episode of the Terminator spinoff's new season reveal a few spoilers. Summer Glau's Terminator is obviously back on the team by the second episode, and she helps Sarah and Derek break into a power plant. And meanwhile, John has a new friend, who builds him a scary robot. Aww. [SpoilerTV] Smallville: Lana's reentry into Clark's life will cause some "heartache" for Lois, says actor Erica Durance. And it'll start the "whole triangle going again" in a way that's hard for her. [TV Guide] Also, you may have your doubts about the apparently human Doomsday, but it turns out Smallville is going somewhere awesome with it, according to comics writer Geoff Johns, who's writing episode 11. Episode 10 will be a hard act to follow, full of twists and turns. And ep. 11, which introduces a faithful version of the Legion of Superheroes, also includes a classic Legion villain. [ComicBloc] And here are some new stills from the first two episodes of the season. What is up with those weird jaggedy lines around Black Canary's eye-smudges? Also, is a threat to Metropolis' public transit system a major plot twist? [SpoilerTV-Smallville] Chuck: And here are a couple new Chuck teasers:

Star Wars: Clone Wars: The one-hour premiere of Clone Wars, on Oct. 3, includes two episodes. "Ambush" is the one we mentioned about Yoda going to Toydaria, the fifth planet of the Action Figure system. And then "Rising Malevolence" is about a mysterious Separatist weapon that devastates the clones' fleet. Anakin and Ahsoka rush to save Master Plo Koon and his troopers before it's too late. Plo Kool! [Sci Fi Wire] Next Avengers: The direct-to-DVD animated movie is pretty faithful to the Marvel universe, except for a few details. Like, it says Tony Stark created the android Ultron, instead of Hank Pym. [UGO] Transformers Animated: There are some spoilers for the 30th episode of the animated Transformers spin-off, and for some reason they take the form of a poem:

Transformers Animated Season 3 rumor Episode 30 Galvatron Team VS. Rodimus Prime Team Galvatron very G1 looking ,transform into a jet Rodimus Prime,Flame chest and pipes arms Starscream and Megatron found some OmegaSupreme wreckages…. HotShot in Rodimus Prime Team Female medic in Rodimus Prime Team Some toad monster thing in Galvatron Team no pics.

[Transformers Toys] Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.



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