Technology is how we change the world around us; science is how we seek to understand it. Some people ignore, others dabble. And then there are the rare ones who revolutionize. The visionaries and big thinkers. The long-workers and midnight oil-burners. Some discover new worlds and novel technologies; others invent them. All of these people drive the human race forward. But why?

We're asking.

What Was It is a series of short interviews co-hosted on Gizmodo and io9 that asks the luminaries of science and technology what inspired them. What was it that first opened their eyes? From comic books to Pulitzer-winning writing; from epic films to television commercials. Heroes. Villains. Before we can innovate, we must dream, and we're going to be asking some of the most incredible people in the world about what they dreamt before they went out and changed everything. We're expecting to hear it all. Join us, and become inspired yourself. And change our world forever.