What Was Your Most Embarrassing Username?

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It's a fact of life nowadays: you start coming up with usernames before you are mature enough to come up with usernames that aren't completely stupid and totally embarassing years down the line. I did it. You did it. It's both something to be ashamed of, but nothing to be ashamed of being ashamed of. It's time to share.


I'm going to guess that for most of you, the worst ones were AOL screen names. I know mine were. Of those I can remember off the top of my head "viper4489" is probably the worst serious one, both boring and cliché. "Funnybunnylo1" was pretty bad too, but I used that one exclusively for trolling chatrooms, so I'm going to give myself a pass. Some of you out there had to have been doing the "xxWORDxx" thing, or are self-proclaimed "gurls" of some sort. Fess up.