Latin America's New Tallest Skyscraper Will Look Like a Quarter Pipe

Argentina's planning to erect a new waterfront tower, and it looks like it belongs in a skatepark. President Cristina Fernández posted the winning design on Facebook this week. It's wrapped in the same white and sky blue on Argentina's flag. And it's a quarter pipe.

The design seems silly at first. After looking through the plans, though, it's easy to see that the architects were just getting creative, when faced with the task of building a true multi-purpose structure. Not only will the 1,165-foot-tall tower and its many studios be the new home to Argentina's entertainment industry, it will also be home to condo-owners, and will include a hotel on top. Finally, where the glass walls curve to the point of being parallel to the ground, there will be a soccer stadium that seats 15,000 people and is shaped like the Falkland Islands. (That part's a little silly.)


This new skyscraper will not only be the tallest building in Argentina. It will be the tallest building in all of Latin America, eclipsing the soon-to-be-completed Costanera Center in Santiago, Chile, which is only 984 feet. It's not shaped like a quarter pipe, either. [Facebook]

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