While you were off—hang on. What exactly were you off doing on the weekend? We didn't see you for dust. Well, you've got your own life and we respect that, but we still love you nonetheless. Here's a roundup of everything you missed over the lazy days:
• We glimpsed a supposed peek at Windows 7 Ultimate.
• We took a look at websites of old; they sure did crack us up.
• NERF guns became steampunk awesome.
• We found a sequel to the topless Wii girls. (NSFW)
• The Tesla Roadster got crushed into a pulp.

• We heard word of legal P2P music downloads, all for free.
Amazon MP3 went global.
• The MBA port fiasco was eloquently solved.
• The Pirate Bay reached 10 million users.
• We said sorry for that NSFW link above. Sorry, again. (NSFW.)

Well, now that your coffee break is over, you better get back to the front page; you don't want Captain Blam to see you lagging.

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