Video Footage of Windows 7 Ultimate Leaked?

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We already heard news about the next-gen Windows OS, Windows 7 Ultimate. Well, the fellows at Think Next are offering up a video, which they claim shows the "Milestone 1 code drop," all in shaky video glory. Check it out by hitting the video above.

The video shown is apparently from a release that was shipped to Microsoft's major partners earlier this year. The clip shows the OS running to be Windows 7 Milestone 1 Ultimate edition 6519.1.071220-1525. We aren't making any rash proclamations, no matter how much we like the guys at Think Next. We're of the opinion that it doesn't look to dissimilar to Windows Vista, but it does look tweaked for the better. The boot screen seems to be redesigned, and the Media Center on display certainly has more eye candy to offer.


All that said, if this is an early build sent to key partners that has been leaked, why can't said key partners put together some competent filming? The video is shaky as shit, and though the shots that are in focus look well formed, the rest could easily be the work of a video editing genius. What do you guys make of it? [Think Next via Softpedia; Thanks, Dode!]