Whatever You Do, Don't Use Apple Support This Weekend

Basically all of Apple's support servers will be offline this weekend, so "customer support will be limited to basic troubleshooting," according to an internal memo. So avoid all forms of Apple tech support, from Apple Stores to Authorized Service Providers.

"Advisors will not be able to determine support eligibility, register products or agreements, create dispatches or SRF's or log a case in GCRM/iLog." Even if it's an Apple Authorized Service Provider, not an actual Apple Store, you're still screwed: "Neither Apple Retail Stores or Authorized Service Providers will be able to process new hardware repairs or order parts... Sending a customer to an ARS or AASP will not be an effective way to get a repair done."


Theoretically, stuff should be back to normal on Monday. So if your Mac or iPhone is dead, well, just sit tight this weekend. It's nice outside. [Thanks tipster!]

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