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What're You Up to in That Coffin? Oh, Just Chillin'

Illustration for article titled Whatre You Up to in That Coffin? Oh, Just Chillin

Air-conditioned coffins are all the rage now in Serbia, where they keep bodies looking extra fresh. I can understand how people can't live without their A/C, but really, they need it when they're dead too?


I guess if you want to be buried in style and comfort, you'll need one of these suckers. Sign me up, because I sure don't want to be sweating bullets in my coffin. You know what, might as well throw in some Doritos and an Xbox in there while you're at it. [Daily Star via Crave]

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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Okay, with all this paranoia of being buried alive and stuff, why don't you just go ahead and cut off my head to be sure. Thanks.