Steve Jobs covered ten points about Leopard today, but it wasn't all technically news. In fact, we could count just nine true news items to come from the keynote. Let's recap what's really new about Leopard, right here in easily-digestible form:

•There's a new Desktop, with a dock and menu bars that adjust to your background.


•Stacks are like folders but they let you see items in a bundle, and when you click on them, they pop up.

•Network View shows computers (Macs and Windows) and their files as if they were residing on your own machine.

•Back to My Mac: .Mac knows all your IP addresses of your computers, so you can use .Mac to communicate over the net.


•Cover Flow comes to OS X, giving you that same liquid movement to all your documents that you have with your album covers now in iTunes.

•Quick Look lets you view Excel, PDFs and Word documents without having to launch an application. You can use it in the Finder and in browse-intensive apps like Time Machine.

•Leopard is now entirely 64-bit, but you can still run 32-bit applications on it.


•iChat has new effects, including the R2D2 hologram that, only a few hours public, is now world famous.

•Safari 3 finally shows up on Windows XP and Vista. Some people are saying it's a lot faster.