What's in Store for Verizon FiOS: Slingbox-Like Streaming and More

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Gear Live had a sit-down with a senior rep from Verizon and found a few tasty hints as to what's in FiOS's future. Most exciting? They're working on a Slingbox-like service for streaming live TV.


That content streaming feature, confirmed by senior VP Eric Rabe, is definitely in the works, pending the resolution of some agreements (we imagine they'll have many tiresome meetings with the networks before that gets ironed out). In addition, they'll be adding support so the FiOS box can stream video content from networked PCs (and Macs)—at the moment, only audio and photos are supported, so this'll be a nice change.

Not so interesting is the distressing news that Verizon has apparently discovered social networking. That means Facebook and Twitter support in the form of widgets, because lord knows that's what we all need. The Twitter widget could be used to discuss programs as they air, in case you don't have a laptop or friends.

An interesting tidbit: Looks like Verizon has, right now, the capability to bring us 100Mbps internet, but they've made the decision not to offer it at the moment. Their reasoning is that their highest speed plans are already not particularly popular, and, oddly, that there's "no practical use" for such blazing speed.

And finally, it looks like they'll be making the guide widescreen and HD instead of the positively archaic full-screen guide they use now. HD for all! [Gear Live]



Count me unexcited. At this point they should be spending their money getting FIOS to the people rather than making it better. I even live in a Verizon neighborhood that has the occasional FIOS owner...yet most of the area still doesn't have FIOS support yet.

My big hope is that they don't add so many features that they start degrading other features before I can have access to it. That happened with both cable and satellite - both started out as amazing, but then they added too many channels, too much PPV, too much "on-demand" video streaming, and now the quality of their normal TV is crap, and their internet was slow before they took even more bandwidth away from their TV for higher speeds (with the new DOCSYS 2.0).