What's the greatest outer space TV show of all time?

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Television can go anywhere and explore any time — but we all know the best TV shows take place out in the final frontier. Television has shaped our dreams of space exploration for decades. But what's the best space TV show of all time?


This week, we're doing the "open channel" posts a little differently. Please post no more than one item per show. And then "vote" for your favorite show by starring that post. In other words, if you think Star Trek: The Original Series is the best space show of all time, star the comment that says Star Trek: TOS. If there are two separate posts that say Star Trek: TOS, then you'll just be splitting the vote. Also, feel free to star more than one item, but then your absolute favorite show will have less of an advantage.

Let's come up with a good ranking of the top 10 or 20 space shows here. I'm curious to see what the ranking will be...

Top image: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Charlie Jane Anders


"After the Earth was used up, we found a new solar system and hundreds of new Earths were terra formed and colonized. The central planets formed the Alliance and decided all the planets had to join under their rule. There was some disagreement on that point. After the War, many of the Independents who had fought and lost drifted to the edges of the system, far from Alliance control. Out here, people struggled to get by with the most basic technologies; a ship would bring you work, a gun would help you keep it. A captain's goal was simple: find a crew, find a job, keep flying."