What's Your Favorite Weather App?

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I live in a city where most people consider the weather to be perfect but I actually think that the weather doesn't truly exist here. Whatever, it's nice. But even in the most loveliest, mildest place, the dog days of summer can get pretty unbearable. That's probably the only time I ever look at the weather app on my phone. And that's probably the only time I realize how crappy my choice of weather app is.


I use the stock iPhone weather app. You can yell at me down below. You can chew me out for being lazy. I know it sucks. I know some people love Yahoo's new weather app (icon aside). I used to use the functional Weather Channel when I lived on the East Coast. Some people used AccuWeather. Others WeatherBug. Solar is really beautiful. Point is, there are a gabajillion weather apps in both the iOS App Store and Google Play. I want to know what you guys like the most.

I think a weather app should be nice to look at but also easy to understand. I think it needs to tell me how freaking hot it is right now, what it'll be like later in the day and what it'll be like later in the week. It needs to be fast. Oh yeah and it needs to be right.


As a photographer, I rely on Dark Sky.

It isn't a "normal" app in the sense that it doesn't give you forecasts for the week. Instead, it uses highly focused data to give you forecasts down to the minute. That's it's specialty. It will tell me that it's going to rain in 5 minutes and stop raining in 15 minutes, and how hard it will rain — and more often than not, it's very accurate.

When doing outdoor photo shoots, this app has saved me more than once.