Wheelchair Dude Features in Apple Thesaurus; His Cover is Blown

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What better way is there to spend your Sunday then looking up synonyms for the word "observed"? Apparently, none. As someone on planet Earth was doing exactly that when they discovered the following definition, as featured in Apple Thesaurus. Jump for a bigger pic of the priceless quote.

That picture is our own confirmation shot, but try it for yourself and see. Who is this Wheelchair Dude? Does Wheelchair Dude know he is featured in Apple Thesaurus? Where was this vestibule? Why does the narrator of the dictionary/thesaurus always leave out the important details? Is Wheelchair Dude protecting New York City when we are not looking? If you observe him, tell him his cover is blown, and he better have a damn good excuse for all that vigilante work he's been carrying out. [Cuberoot]