Wheelman Motorized Skateboard

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If skateboarding isn't dangerous enough for you, try the Wheelman, a 19mph death trap with a 43cc two-stroke engine. Squeeze the fuel pump in your hand and it sips a liter of fuel over an hour and a half. If you want to stop, all you have to do is stop squeezing that fuel pump. There are also brakes that are applied when you angle the toes of your rear foot toward the ground. Sounds like some good, dangerous fun—if you have an extra $1500 lying around.


Cool videos after the jump.

Product page http://www.wheelman.com.au/ [Wheelman, via OhGizmo]

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This is the Coolest Sickest toy aI have so I brought 15 of them. For freinds and family. Bringing more!

Andre From

Los Angeles SoCal