When Will We Learn To Stop Bringing Our Dead Girlfriends Back To Life?

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Holy hell the undead ladies of Kiss The Abyss will have you screaming in your sleep for nights. Dead is not better, haven't we learned this by now? Also check out the gorgeous short The Raven.


Kiss The Abyss

Kiss The Abyss starts off as you regular dead to undead transferal movie, but what I'm really enjoying is the slow decaying of the gorgeous dead girl, who starts off rather pretty. Plus I'm a sucker for all things desert magic. Thanks Quiet Earth for pointing this out.


When a young woman is brutally killed by an intruder, her husband and estranged father conspire to bring her back from the dead with the help of a mysterious desert dweller. Soon after she awakens, she begins to realize that something is horribly wrong...

Atlantic Ghost Empire "The Koi of Hungwa"

Here's an interesting web series that takes place in an alternate history after the soviet union attacked the US in '71, and later the coastal cities were swallowed up by the oceans. It feels like it has a touch of steampunk to it, but that could just be the awesome glasses some of the characters are sporting. Here's a synopsis and the teaser trailer, there isn't much else out just yet. But their website is full of chapter entries and a few pieces of concept art.

Follow the weekly adventures of the legendary Captain Gram and our fearless narrator Lewis, as they travel the world in their trusty submersible, the F. Scott Fitzgerald, looking for the mystical Koi of Hungwa, all the while battling the sinister Yul Brynners. Experience the excitement, the adventure, the love and loss of Atlantic Ghost Empire.

Atlantic Ghost Empire "The Koi of Hungwa" teaser trailer from chris stetson on Vimeo.


Broken Toy

This little web series has about 3 episodes up and running. The story follows a soldier who has been mysteriously experimented on to become seemingly faster and stronger. But of course, something goes horribly wrong, and the poor little murdering machine seems to be slowly losing his mind. Pretty impressive for a low budget web series. Some moments are hit and miss, but it kept me watching until the end.

The Raven

This little short by Peruvian filmmaker Ricardo de Montreuil has everyone on the the internet a buzz. Budgeted at $5K is amazing what they managed to create.

The movie features Chris Black, a man who possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of an alternate version of Los Angeles and its totalitarian regime.

London 2014

And just for fun, check out this little clip reel some clever geeks pooled together to help lobby to bring the World Science Fiction Convention to London in 2014. I lost count of how many classics I recognized. Plus it's a great song.



I don't mind blood in a movie but it was a bit unsettling to see so much of it in the Kiss the Abyss trailer. I would check that one out, though.