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When the iPhone 3G hits July 11th, it will be available at both AT&T and Apple stores. So beyond a little extra pretentiousness at the Apple stores, is there anything different between them? What if you need to start a new plan? What if you need to transfer a number? Can Apple handle the complicated stuff?

Actually, AT&T has told us that there will be no limiting difference between the two stores, except one thing. If you are a business or enterprise customer, then you should buy your iPhone from AT&T. Here are the full details on business scenarios:

For those business, or enterprise customers, they will get their iPhone 3Gs through their normal IT processes. This will ensure that their business can take advantage of any corporate discounts that may apply.

Activation will work [one of two] ways:

- If your company pays the bill for your iPhone 3G: Your IT department will provide you with iPhone 3G, just as it does any other device. Then, all you need to do is sync it to iTunes from your computer and it will be good to go. You do not need to go to an AT&T retail store.

- If you pay the bill and are reimbursed for it by your company: Buy the iPhone in an AT&T retail store. Give the salesperson your company's contract number with AT&T and the device will be activated.


And if you're still wondering about details like pricing, be sure to hit up the FAQ.

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