Where to Watch Tonight's Final Presidential Debate Live Online

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Tonight is the final part of the talent portion of the Mr. President 2008 pageant, which I've been reading is like the most important one in our lifetime or something, but I think they say about that about all of them. Regardless, if you're stuck at your computer and can't get to a TV, don't worry, you don't have to miss this momentous occasion, the final talking points battle between good and evil (which is which is up to you). Feel free to get political and talk about the debate in the comments, but be civil, or we'll splatter your head with the Maverick Banhammer of Hope. Here's everywhere you can watch it go down live online. •Hulu is our most favoritest pick because it's easy to get to and you can watch Colbert or Tina Fey or Future President Petrelli when it gets dull •Current's Hack the Debate is our second favorite, a fantastic mashup of the live debate broadcast overlaid with Twitter messages in real-time, so you can see how everyone else is reacting (or jeering, knowing the Twitter mob) •C-SPAN has a live stream and their debate hub is super-comprehensive and Web 2.0tastic but it looks like you need the Windows Media Player plugin if you're using Firefox (you do for their other videos) •CNN has a bunch of extra coverage like a debate preview (as if you don't already know what they're gonna say) though you might need their plugin, like you do for other videos of theirs •MSNBC seems to have a pretty snazzy player with a nice feature set and big, beautiful widescreen video—getting around their site sucks though, so use our direct link to make your life easier •Foxnews—I tried to find a feed on their site, I really did. Send it in and I'll add it if you feel that strongly about it •CBS Or you could skip the debate entirely and base your vote on these zany Photoshops of John McCain and Barack Obama (coming later this week). Sounds like a plan to me. [Election Coverage on Giz]


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Between 10:23 PM EST and 10:24 PM EST Mccain blinked roughly 118 times that I counted, some blinks came so fast I missed them so it's probably a much larger number. That's scary WTF is wrong with his eyes??

I'm tell you Mccain is too old, I've watched various republican's while defending Palin, say "Get used to her she's going to be the first female president", first female president? Don't they mean Vice President? Wow shows that even Rep. know Mccain is on his last legs.

My friend said it best Mccain is one foot in the grave, the other on a banana peel. lol