Which iPad Apps Would a Former Newton Creator Recommend?

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Now VP of product marketing at Apple, years ago Michael Tchao worked on the team that invented the Newton. Considering that was one of the first touchscreen "tablets" around, wouldn't you just love to know his favorite iPad apps?

Luckily, we are privy to such details, with his recommendations being shown off at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, where Recombu acted fast and copied them down. Unfortunately they're all paid-for (excluding Flipboard), but consider this list a curated menu of what one of the big guys behind the scenes actually uses.


Those apps include Heart Pro 3D, an $18 medical app for exploring our tickers; Flipboard, that free app that presents your social networks in a magazine-style lay-out; the Financial Times; the $4 music-creating Sound Prism app; a $2 game of glorified marbles in the form of Marble Mixer; $3 building-gazer Edition 29 Architecture; a cooking tutorial app for $5 called Photo Cookbook; $8 accelerometer-based game Labyrinth; an astronomy guide called Star Walk for $5; a very pricey periodic table, The Elements, which costs $14; Pianist Pro, which is a $10 keyboard app; the self-explanatory Scrabble app for $3; a guitar-practicing app for $10, Tab Toolkit; and last but by no means his least-favorite app, Brushes. If you haven't downloaded the artwork-creator for $8 yet, you really should. [Recombu]