Which Jailbreak Apps Are You Using?

iOS 5.0 is pretty great and hits a lot of the bullet points iPhone users have long been complaining about. But, of course, jailbreaking still lets you do more with your iPhone. So what's your guys' favorite jailbreak apps?

I've dabbled in the jailbreaking scene before, SBSettings has always been indispensable, Notifier+ is pretty gnarly and biteSMS makes replying to texts less of a pain. But I'm sure you guys have been using more. What are the apps you can't live without? What are the apps you jailbreak for? iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, we want all jailbreak apps.


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I haven't jailbroken my iPhone 4 yet, but the iControlPad is on sale this week for $50 and NES and SNES games would be an excellent addition to my phone. Pretty sure I'm going to pick one up.