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Which Twitter Accounts Do You Love to Hate?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We all do it. Every single thing they tweet sends you into a symphony of groans and sighs, and yet—you can't quite bring yourself to end the pain. And if you're being totally honest, you actually kind of like it. Maybe it's masochism, maybe it's the need to fuel your own sense of smugness, but either way, everyone can attest: The Twitter hate-follow hurts so good.

Me? I have two self-inflicted demons. Say hello to Thought Catalog and Ann Coulter.


I find almost every tweet to come out of these two accounts to be consistently mind-numbing and infuriating, respectively. But I can't look away, nay—I don't want to look away. I find their tweets so absurd and mockable that, in some bizarre, inexplicable way, I actually kind of look forward to the next bout of 140-character facepalm fuel.

So let's all share in the madness together. Who are your favorite twitter hate-follows? Drop some representative tweets down below, because after all, hate-following is always better with friends.

Image: Shutterstock/Ronald Sumners