Whipsnade Zoo Has A Baby Elephant With The Tiniest Little Trunk

After a 22 month long gestation period, an elephant at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in England gave birth to the most adorable baby boy ever. The gestation period is so long, in part, so that the infant can do things like walk around on its own almost as soon as its born.

The birth, according to zookeeper Stefan Groeneveld who narrates the video, was a historic one for the zoo. It's the first time they had an elephant birth out in the fields, with the rest of the herd nearby, rather than inside the elephant care facility. It allowed the infant to become introduced to the rest of his social group immediately - which is important for the baby, but also for the rest of the elephants.


That might not seem like a big deal, but finding new ways of making life for animals as close to life in the wild as possible is important in a zoo environment, especially for big-brained, social animals like elephants.

[Zoological Society of London]

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