Who Farted? Oh It's A Smell Tone!

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Keitai KunKun have developed "smell tones" as the next-gen ringtone. Using the these smell tones, you simply set up the enclosed liquid to hang off your phone. When you get a call or message, instead of a ring, you can get a smell alerting you to pick up your phone. I don't see how this could be useful when your phone is shoved in your pants and your jeans start to reek of Doraemon-scent after awhile. However if multiple scents could be used, it'd be genius. When your girlfriend calls, a perfume scent could eject and if it's your buddy, the stench of warm beer could emit slowly from the phone. They're retailing in Japan for 1980 Yen a pop or about $17 here and come in scents like Hello Kitty, Disney, and Doraemon. What, no Transformers motor oil scent? What gives?!

Sniff N' Talk [Red Ferret]


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