Who is the nose-stealing, scalp-cutting, serial killer of Haven?

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This week's Haven is by far the best of this very young season, with its short and sweet Trouble-of-the-week taking a back seat to show's larger mythology. Audrey finally makes contact with a past life, while Nathan tries to infiltrate the town's Troubled tattoo brigade, and the Teagues learn what it feels like to have someone investigate them. And all the while, our bolt gun-wielding murderer is running amok, and they've got something truly gruesome up their sleeve. Spoilers below.

So first let's get this week's Trouble out of the way. It was actually a rather well executed Trouble, one that kept us guessing while not letting the mystery override its weirdness. It starts off in the community pool, where a swimming teacher is trying to coax her hydrophobic student, Frank, into the water. She assures him that nothing's going to happen—and then she's promptly sucked down into the pool and devoured. With both a witness and a victim on hand, the Troubleshooters figure one of them must be Troubled, that is, until they see a random wave pour through the streets and smack the car of Reed Harris, another Haven resident. Once he releases the water and cod from his car, he announces he's going to change into dry clothes and pretend this never happened. "It is the Haven way," Duke quips. Seriously, Ignore It and It Will Surely Go Away should be inscribed above the door to city hall.

Frank turns up dead, having drowned while standing in the shower. (Poor guy, too afraid to swim and he manages to drown in the bathroom.) Frank, it turns out, had been trying to call his usual swim teacher, Daphne, all morning, but she's been missing. Audrey orders Duke to keep calling Daphne's cellphone, and the two of them head off to Daphne's house. Her neighbor his helpful enough up until his body erupts with teeny black crabs. Luckily, he survives. They suspect that Reed Harris, the only one who claimed not to know Daphne, may have had something to do with his disappearance, and sure enough when they get to Harris' house, he's dying from blood loss. In his final moments, he confesses that his reckless driving pushing Daphne's car over a cliff, and that this must be his karmic retribution.


Cut to Daphne, whose car is immobilized in the water. She's panicing, sure she sees a shark in the distance, watches little black crabs crawl out fo her air vents, and is convinced that she's going to die from the cut on her leg. She looks over at her phone and sees a missed call from Duke, and suddenly Duke starts coughing up water. Audrey manages to save him from drowning and puts the pieces together: Daphne's car crash triggered her Trouble, and now every time she thinks of a potential rescuer, that rescuer is attacked by her fears of drowning, bleeding out, being eaten by a shark, etc. Why Dr. Claire hasn't put the entire town on Xanax is beyond me.

Side note: Given that Duke and Daphne don't know each other, I was trying to figure out a legitimate reason why his name might pop up on her phone. All I could come up with was that her phone recognized his number thanks to some mass Haven Facebook list, which means social media is helping to kill off Haven residents even more quickly.


Fortunately, the Troubleshooters manage to find Daphne, and Duke climbs down to rescue her. Nathan is convinced that he's going to kill her to end her Trouble, but when Duke gets supercharged by her blood, he doesn't Hulk smash her, but instead gains the strength to rip her out of her car.

Alright, back to the juicy stuff. Dr. Claire uses hypnotherapy to try to connect Audrey with her past life as Lucy, hoping Lucy can lend them some insight into the Colorado Kid. It doesn't work at first, but when Dr. Claire returns Lucy's necklace to Audrey later in the day, she has a flash of Lucy's memory for the very first time. Later, she dreams about the moment again, a day at the beach when she was Lucy. She notices a barn in the distance, but just as it's about to open, she wakes up. She's not alone, though; her old FBI boss, Agent Howard, is in her bedroom. "You have to stop," he tells her. "Stop what?" she asks. "Remembering," he says, but then this proves an Inception moment and Audrey again finds it was just a dream. Hooray! Maybe this means we'll finally get some progression on Audrey's past lives.


Meanwhile, Vince and Dave Teagues rightfully have some suspicions about Haven't newest cop, Bowen. They quickly use their investigative journalism skills to dig up the dirt that Bowen was involved in a shooting back in Boston. When they confront Bowen, it turns out he's been doing a little digging of his own. The Teagues, he's learned, own half the commercial real estate in Haven. This sounds like a terrible investment idea, but apparently the brothers are worth millions, a fact they hide beneath shell corporations and off-shore bank accounts. Vince and Dave try to pass it off as family money, but they're clearly unnerved that someone has learned their financial secret. Bowen has introduced a new ripple into their existence: the money came seemingly from nowhere, so how did the brothers acquire it?

Nathan does a little solo investigation of his own, trying to break into the group of tattooed Troubled that Duke's Papa Helo was so afraid of. He approaches Jordan, who works at the Gun & Rose diner and also has the tattoo. She's suspicious of him at first, but he persists, insisting that he got the tattoo to show which side of the Haven war he's on. After a few tries, she opens up to him a little, revealing that she always wears a pair of gloves because everyone she touches feels excruciating pain. (Which came first, I wonder, the gloves, or the accompanying pin-up look?) Nathan shows off his Trouble by touching her bare hand, which catches her off guard. It's a sorry state of affairs when you're charmed by a man's total lack of tactile sensation. Well, every Troubled pot has its Troubled lid, and she agrees to talk to "her people."


Best of all, though, is the return of the bolt gun murderer! It's not just that he or she nabs a scalp at the beginning of the episode to add to his or her pilfered; it's also the way they lovingly brush the stolen hair (as seen in the extra-creepy video above.) So is this person trying assemble a second Audrey? Are they building a body for the Colorado Kid? And is this a person we've already met, or a Havenite who has so far been lurking in the background?