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Who Wants a Quad-Core Computer for $130?

Illustration for article titled Who Wants a Quad-Core Computer for $130?

When Raspberry Pi released their diminutive, ARM-based PC for $35, people were rightfully chomping at the bit to get their hands on something so cheap and small and hackable. But the 700 MHz, single-core ARM 11 processor it wasn't exactly a powerhouse. Enter Hardkernel's ODROID-X, which packs a quad-core Samsung Exynos chipset on a 3.5 inch motherboard.


With each Cortex-A9 core clocked at 1.4 GHz, the ODROID-X also has 1 gigabyte of RAM, a Mali 400 GPU, six USB ports, ethernet, audio in/out, Micro HDMI and an SDHC reader. Plus it's capable of running Android or Ubuntu, giving you computing flexibility. Sure, it's no Ivy Bridge, but the Exynos processor is pretty amazing for its size. And for $130, this little chipset could become the heart of your next DIY project. [Hardkernel via Ars Technica]

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Pedantic geekery coming out, but "quad core" is completely meaningless compared against standard desktops and laptops, a laptop dual core is still much faster than quad core ARM processors.