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Why aren't there more memes about Star Trek's Unicorn Dog?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is a grave injustice, the likes of which the universe has never witnessed. Why isn't the internet full of GIFs and pictures featuring Unicorn Dog, the best Star Trek character?

Sure, there are pictures of Unicorn Dog on the Internet — with such a fantastic get-up, how could he not have some great pics? But there's a startling lack of memes about him. Above is a moment from "The Enemy Within," his one and only episode, in which he's sitting completely still until Captain Kirk comes up and randomly starts playing with his floppy tail. Because Captain Kirk is a meanie.


Here's a moment where Unicorn Dog inspects an industrial accident — notice how Sulu is carefully bringing him over to inspect the damage:


In episode, Unicorn Dog gets duplicated and there's a good Unicorn Dog and an evil Unicorn Dog. Here's Evil Unicorn Dog:

I feel as though Unicorn Dog expresses something poignant and universal about our experience as embodied creatures. He's carried around all the time, and he never even gets to take a walk on the Starship Enterprise. He is a passive victim of a greater scheme that he will never understand.

Here's a particularly sad moment for Unicorn Dog: