Why Etch-A-Sketch Alone? Collaborate With Connect-A-Sketch

Illustration for article titled Why Etch-A-Sketch Alone? Collaborate With Connect-A-Sketch

The Etch-A-Sketch has endured for years as a beloved drawing toy for children and adults alike. It's even been taken into the third dimension. But it's always been such a solitary activity...until now.


The Connect-A-Sketch is the work of graduate design student Andrew Little. Simply put, it networks two etch a sketch screens together, so that when you draw something, it instantly appears on your partner's screen (and vice-versa). If you shake and erase your screen, your partner's screen will vibrate, letting them know to do the same. The Connect-A-Sketch will be on display at London's New Designers conference in June. [Connect-A-Sketch via OhGizmo]


My greatest EtchASketch achievement was the patience to draw lines up and down and back and forth till the whole screen was clean so I could see how it worked. A childs curiosity is a fantastic motivator (that and I had nothing better to do).