Why In the Name of Holy Sweet Hell Is This Person Taking Concert Pics with an iPad?

The reality of any concert today is that your vision is probably going to be blocked by hundreds (or thousands) of assholes holding up cameras and phones to capture an event they're already attending IRL. Fine. But with an iPad?

This shocking footage, from a concert I'm horribly, bitterly jealous that I didn't attend, shows that someone (at 0:24) had either the stupidity, bravery, or sheer gusto to wield an iPad, up in the air, to capture Kanye's mega-rendition of All of the Lights at Coachella. I almost admire this, it's so bizarre. The camera is terrible, and the odds of it getting knocked out of your hand seem pretty good. The camera is also terrible. Did this photog then walk around Coachella with an iPad? Has our civilization come to this? Is this just jealousy speaking? All I know is that All of the Lights has 1,836 plays in my iTunes library, which is probably more grotesque than any of this.


Note: If you are Spike Lee you are exempt from this criticism.

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