Why This Whole 3D Business is Starting to Offend

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The new Clash of the Titans hits theaters this weekend in 3D — not because the filmmakers wanted it that way, but because Warner Bros. could charge more for it. Which is just plain wrong.


Listen, Hollywood, I know that we're in a recession and theatrical attendance is down, and you're all gaga over Avatar's titanic bottom line — which was undeniably goosed by the fact that moviegoers had to pay extra to see it in 3D. But, you know, this is starting to get silly.

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Clash of the Titans boasts some of the worst 3D of the modern age. Remember that 3D episode of Chuck? Better than this. Why? Because it's a movie that was shot in 2D, force-converted into 3D. Again, we ask why? Greed. Not because the film would play better or look better or achieve a sensory experience unattainable on a "flat" screen. Simply so that it would make more money.

And, of course, Hollywood's in it for the greenbacks. I get that. And I don't have a philosophical problem with 3D, either. When done well — in the aformentioned Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, Coraline, Up, even Beowulf — 3D can be a wonderfully transporting, enveloping tool. But when it's done with all the deftness of a fingerless mercenary...I call bullshit.

Have a little more respect for me, the audience. Earn my cash with glory; if you deliver unto me true spectacle, I'll gladly deliver unto you my money. But don't reach in my pocket just because you can. Or I'll...I'll...I just won't leave the house. So there.



I don't think it offends, I think this is it FAILing hard, and fast. It's like quick DVD transfers, they may make money in the shortrun but shitty 3D films are going to get panned badly. Once people realize they're spending a ton of cash for garbage, they'll think again before going. What I've read is you need a minimum of 3 seconds for your eye to adjust to 3D space, so Bourne styled editing won't work especially when filmed in 2D.

Which coincidentally Bay has said he's vowing not to use it ever, which is both ironic and smart of him... it doesn't suit his style of filmmaking. Feel weird to be in complete agreement with Michael Bay.

PS I loved in the making of documentary of Moon, Duncan Jones had a "What would Michael Bay do?" post it note on his monitor, hehe.