Why you won't want to miss space opera gangland in tonight's Caprica

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We've seen the first two episodes in the new season of Caprica, which starts tonight. And I've got two good, spoiler-free reasons why you need to tune in.

First of all, one of the big question marks last season for many people was, "Why do we believe that the Graystones and the Adamas are so interconnected?" Well, this season will finally answer that question in a satisfying way. As Daniel's business crumbles around him, the only place he can turn to for help is the organized crime group that the Adama family is part of. Watching Daniel wiggle his way into the crime family's good graces - helping Joseph's career in the process - is a sight to behold.

But even more interesting is the second reason to watch tonight's episode and indeed the entire season. Clarice's intentions in this episode are revealed in all their freaktastic, bloody glory. She wants to create a religion that requires no faith, because the virtual world will become a heaven for anybody who dies while believing in the "one true god." And she shows us how scheming and scary she can get when she lands on Gemenon to speak with "the Mother". (It doesn't hurt that this idea of a virtual heaven is also the subject of Iain M. Banks' new Culture novel, Surface Detail.)


Extra treat for die-hard BSG fans who still wish there was some way that final episode made sense. If Clarice actually gets her wish and creates a virtual heaven, we finally have an explanation for where Head Six and Head Baltar actually came from.

Caprica is on Syfy tonight. Don't miss it - seriously.